Relocation services


For foreigners who want to start their personal or business life within the territory of the Slovak Republic we offer the service of representing them in front of Foreign Police and handling the residence permit. We offer above mentioned services to citizens from third countries and EU citizens who need to report themselves on Foreign Police to get the residence permit or they want to ask for residence within the Schengen territory. We have rich experience in this field.

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We offer services :

We prepare all the documentation they will need for applying for the residence permit. From the client we only need passport and criminal records from the countries, he/she lived before. We provided this service for hundreds of clients in many cities of Slovakia and during many situations (residence permit, business permit, family uniting permit, employment permit, study permit etc.

We provide these services in the field of individual migration of EU citizens and citizen out of EU. We help the EU citizens to get identity cards, health insurance registration and other services.
For citizen out of EU we offer:

contribution for employment and residence

residence permit for business purposes

help with contributions for permanent residence and other required services

Standards of our work

  • Professionalism
  • We speak English, German and Russian
  • We offer assistance with communication with all the authorities

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