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Ing. Marcel Muráni, tax advisor

The setting

On 26th of May we organized a small cocktail party to have a friendly chat with our friends and business partners over a glass of wine. We also used this opportunity to introduce one of our projects focused on cultural history. And what better environment for such an event than the castle of Bratislava with its baroque gardens.

The history of this castle traces back to the 9th century, before it served as a watch tower, but in the 9th century it was rebuilt by King Stephan the first into a castle. Not long after, it became the seat of the Pozsony county and protected the Hungarian Kingdom against Bohemian and German attacks. Then in 1531, the Bratislava castle became the main castle of the Kingdom of Hungary, and it housed the Holy crown of Hungary. In 1740, when Maria Theresa became the queen of Kingdom of Hungary, the castle was reconstructed, and she used it as a residence after that. In 1811, the castle was bombarded by Napoleons troops, after that an enormous fire broke out even spreading into parts of the town. To 1953 the castle remained untouched, until the reconstruction work began and now, we see it in all its beauty.


Baroque gardens at Bratislava castleWhat was it about?

We used the opportunity of the pleasant company of our guests for short presentation of the new project which connects our Family Office Services clients to the history of aristocratic families in Rome. Short presentation took place inside the castle’s orangery, accessible right from the castle’s baroque gardens where the main part of the cocktail party took place.

Some of Rome’s aristocratic families’ descendants who are still alive can track the history of their family back to Middle Ages. The fact that after many centuries they still have their families’ historic villas and properties in their possession is a proof that the family wealth can be preserved for generations if entrusted to the right hands.

Watching these families to thrive for centuries is a great inspiration to us all as enhancing family wealth and passing it onto next generations is also our main focus for Family Office Services clients.

Based on the genuinely exclusive contacts and familial relations to the Rome’s aristocratic circles by our Partner we managed to arrange an exclusive programme. Our clients will have the opportunity to enter some of the Rome’s most spectacular private historic villas – premises that are not accessible by general public. There they can enjoy guided tour and friendly chat over a dinner with direct ancestors of Rome’s aristocracy.

You can read more about this project by clicking at the following link: Imperial grandeur & papal glory

As the number of wealthy people steadily rises, we are also witnessing rise of the number of Family Office Services companies. Many times, these companies do not possess the critical know-how to manage the wealth and face critical situations.

Presentation at Bratislava castleOur experience as a tax advisor and accounting company gives us the necessary knowledge in tax areas. Close cooperation with several legal offices enables us to approach every issue from all perspectives and assess the legal risks. Banking and financial management background of our C-level managers enables us to enhance the family wealth of our clients.

As our guests saw, besides the professional services, we would like to offer somewhat more exiting type of approach to our demanding and sophisticated clients.

Who was a part of this event?

This cocktail party was mainly organised for our friends and business partners from all around the world. We were pleased to meet C-level managers from hi-tech companies,  banking sector, pharmaceutical companies and many other sectors as well as some exiting new start-ups from electric automotive sector. We were also honoured to welcome guests from England’s aristocratic circle.

Mrva Stanko wine selection























The guests were served one of the best Slovak wines, Mrva Stanko. Mrva Stanko is one of the leading wineries in Slovakia, the number of awards that they have received exceeds the 500 mark. Mrva Stanko produces a wide range of wines in their own vineyards in different parts of Slovakia. Selection of tasty cheese and carpaccio, sea food specialities and other delicious snacks pleasantly completed the atmosphere of the entire evening.