Our tax consulting services include tax planning, detection and optimization of tax risks or burdens, professional advisory in area of detecting the tax bases and provision of statements, including international legislation.

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We provide following services :

Through our experienced specialists, we provide flexible tax advice to meet your specific needs in order to increase the value of your business

All non-standard questions that a client may encounter during their business are consulted with our tax advisor, lawyer or corporate finance specialist.

We are able to assess your situation from an international perspective in cooperation with our foreign colleagues, considering the specifics of the industry in which you operate.

We provide tax advisory to clients with colleagues who are athorized to provide tax services in accordance with the legal order of Slovak Repoublic.

We provide following tax services:


Advisory in optimizing of tax obligations


Representation in contact with the tax office


Providing turnkey tax advice


Writing a statements on given issues


Registrations for tax purposes


Processing of tax returns / declarations


Help with tax inspections


International taxation

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Our work standards

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Multilingual development
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Tax advice from the establishment of the company to its disposal
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Keeping track of changes in the legislation and subsequently familiarizing the client
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Regular checks of accounting documents
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Processing of entries in electronic form.
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online uctovnictvo

On-line accountancy

It is for FREE!

Clients who issue invoices on-line (minimum amount of 33 invoices per month, do no have to pay the regular fee 19 EUR per month to access the on-line accountancy.

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It saves expenses for accountancy management!

Clients who issue more than 100 invoices per month on-line gain discount for accountancy processing.

online pristup
On-line access

Control payment of customer invoices on regular basis

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Access to information

Continuously check into details the state of profits, expenses and benefits of the company

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