Legal services

EMINEO PARTNERS works closely with law firm in order to provide competent legal services. Our legal services cover full range of economic and legal situations in which your company may find itself.

The advantage of working with us is that the whole team of experts is working to solve your situation – auditor, tax advisor, lawyer, accountant and consultant. The result is a professional and comprehensive solution that takes all aspects of the situation into account.

Legal service packages

Consultation for starting entrepreneurs

Consultations intended for everyone who just started a business or planning to start their first business. Consulting is focused on a specific business plan with the aim of providing an overview of the entrepreneur’s obligations towards state institutions. At the meeting, the entrepreneur will also receive tips, recommendations and answers to his questions.

The meeting takes place in person at the headquarters of EMINEO PARTNERS or via an online video call.


  • starting a business and obligations
  • advantages and disadvantages of individual legal forms of business
  • electronic mailbox
  • AML guidelines and how to comply with them
  • setting of a GDPR process in the company
  • receiving cash
  • business operation and necessary permits, practical tips
  • employment relations
  • obligations of the employer in the workplace
  • crisis preparedness
  • waste management
  • communication with authorities
  • Business Law
  • customer communication

Fee: 200 € *

* the price includes preparation + 60 min. meeting. If larger scope of advisory is necessary, the price will be specified in advance.

Legal analysis of a business plan

Tailor-made detailed legal analysis of your business and related legislation.

After an initial consultation with a lawyer, we will prepare an overview of areas that are relevant for your business. We will then prepare a process of steps and necessary measures to cover your responsibilities arising from the business.

According to your requirements we will prepare the following

  • an overview of the relevant legislative framework
  • an overview of possible risks
  • tips on how to prevent them
  • contract documentation – templates
  • internal guidelines of the company
  • company management training
  • practical advice and tips on how to proceed

We will prepare the entire analysis to the extent required by you, with an emphasis on the practical side.

Flat – rate legal services

Do you need to cover the legal aspect of your project? Do you need the help of a lawyer for a longer period but only for a few hours a week?

  • help of an experienced lawyer
  • available immediately – no need to look for anyone
  • pre-agreed time budget
  • the possibility of combining a monthly flat rate of legal and tax advice
  • starting from 5 hours a month
We will prepare a price offer for you. Contact us

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Expert team

Thanks to a team of qualified specialists from various areas of business, we can offer comprehensive solutions for your company with the professional insight. Our lawyers, accountants, licensed tax advisors and auditors are at your disposal in case of necessity.

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Legal service packages

  • labor law in practice
  • e-shops and mail order business
  • GDPR
  • job agencies
  • real estate and developing
  • IT projects
  • bankruptcy and protection from creditors
  • debt collection

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