Payroll is provided by an experienced team of payroll accountants led by auditor Mrs. Senešiová. We provide complex services in the field of payroll processing at a highly professional level. External wage processing is more cost effective for company than having its own employees who will process wages. Contact us, we will be happy to prepare a price offer for you.

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We provide services

At Emineo Partners you will find a reliable partner for payroll processing. We are able to not only process wages reliably, but we can also process them quickly and then send payslips directly to your employees on their emails in secured form. Wages can be processed within three business days after we receive complete bases.

In case you encounter a difficult problem in the field of payroll processing, we can find a solution to this problem with a help of tax advisor or a lawyer. Contact us and we will gladly prepare and present you our offer.

We can help you not only with the processing of wages but with all the related agenda. We can register your company at the tax office, health insurance companies as well as in the social insurance company. Our lawyer is ready to prepare you a template employment contracts, which can be used by our wage accountant so he/she can prepare employment contract to all your new employees. Of course, we eill also prepare annual settlement of taxes and the processing of tax returns for your employees.

In the field of payroll we offer these services:


registration of employees in health insurance companies and social insurance companies


sending secured payroll employee tape by email to an employee’s email


preparation of reports to the insurance company and the tax office


preparation of a payment order for wages, levies and taxes in xml format


preparation of work contracts according to individual requirements


individual confirmations for employees


annual tax collection for individual employees


recovery of damages against employees

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Standards of our work

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regularly informing the client about changes in payroll legislation
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review the correctness of employment contracts
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alert the client to the upcoming date of termination of the agreements
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solving employee executions and calculating deduction
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sending payroll reports to the client
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online uctovnictvo

On-line accountancy

It is for FREE!

Clients who issue invoices on-line (minimum amount of 33 invoices per month, do no have to pay the regular fee 19 EUR per month to access the on-line accountancy.

setri naklady
It saves expenses for accountancy management! 

Clients who issue more than 100 invoices per month on-line gain discount for accountancy processing.

online pristup
On-line access

Control payment of customer invoices on regular basis

pristup info
Access to information

Continuously check into details the state of profits, expenses and benefits of the company

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