Emineo Partners will increase the credibility of investors, creditors, business partners and all potential users of the company’s financial statements. We will provide the independent opinion of the licensed auditor, for whom an expertise, confidentiality and ethical principles are a matter of course.

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An unattached view of company accounting and reassuring that company results truly and reliably reflect the fact presented in the financial statements provides increased business transparency, a better understanding of the company’s economy, and predicting of the possible risks.

We provide our clients with an audit service, the obligation of which is statutory.

The optional periodic auditing service is advantageous for clients who have their own accountant and at the same time need to have someone to rely on to oversee the accuracy of the billing and the correctness of tax calculations.

This service is ideal for larger companies and it is appropriate to use online accounting, where both – the accountant and the auditor – would work with one database at a time.

We provide auditor services to clients through persons authorized to provide audit services in accordance with the legal order of Slovak Repoublic.

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