Family Office Services

Family assets can be managed in a variety of ways. Leave it to experienced professionals, use our advisory and consult your portfolio management. We can optimize costs, diversify suitably or invest profitably.

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Family office services are designed for families that have a higher asset value and need help either in day-to-day maintenance, or  with tax, legal or financial troubleshooting.

Family office services includes following:

  • Settlement of regular expenses associated with property management
  • The services of our accountancy department
  • Lawyer services in solving legal problems
  • Tax adviser services to deal with tax issues

The advantage of the service is that you will not have to communicate with each specialist alone or have one experienced contact person who will cover all communication.

We provide legal advice, tax advice and auditing services to clients through persons authorized to provide legal services, tax services and audit services in accordance with the legal order of the Slovak Republic.

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