Relocation services

For foreigners who wish to start their personal or business life in the territory of Slovak Republic, we offer representation in contact with foreigner´s police and providing of the residence permit. We offer these services to third-country nationals as well as to EU citizens who need to apply for a residence permit in Slovak Republic or for the residence permit in Schengen area from their country. We have a lot of experience with these services.

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Offered services :

We have many years of experience in providing relocation services. For hundreds of clients from different parts of the world, we have provided temporary / permanent residence permits and other related services in different cities of Slovakia and the European Union.

We are preparing the complete documentation required for a temporary stay. Only a passport, extract from the criminal records from the countries where client lived in past and documentation of the highest education (if needed) are required from client. We offer our services in the field of individual relocation of EU citizens as well as for non-EU citizens. We help EU citizens to obtain ID cards, health insurance registration or drivers´ licenses.

The Slovak Republic and especially Bratislava are increasingly attracting foreign entrepreneurs, employees, students and tourists in recent years. We will be glad to help applicants from all over the world with temporary permit and all related services.

Relocation services include following:

We will provide an application on the embassy or foreign police

We will provide a visa to enter the SR

We will provide accommodation

We help you find / rent / buy an apartment

We will assist you when opening a bank account

We will provide official translations of all documents

We will assist in contact with all government offices

We administer the company on behalf of the client

We register a client in a health insurance company

We will order the client for a medical examination at a specialized clinic

We will provide advice in the field of accounting / taxes / law

We will provide a Slovak driving license

Standards of our work

Documents prepared on time, by a lawyer
We communicate in English, German, Russian
We will provide official translations from all languages
We lead the client in all residence-permit related activities
Lawyer, on the basis of power of attorney, represents the client in all proceedings

Possibilities of granting residence in the Slovak Republic:

Residence permit for business purposes 

In the endeavor to do business in the territory of the Slovak Republic, temporary residence permit is required for the registration of a non-OECD CEO. Once granted, it may be processed  in Commercial Register and CEO Can start his business.

Residence permit for study purposes 

Higher education in Slovakia is often more accessible and still of sufficient quality to attract thousands of students from all over the world to Slovakia every year. Every foreign student studying in Slovakia is obliged to register in foreigners’ police.

Residence permit for employment purposes

Foreign employees must be legally registered in foreigners’ police. It is also necessary for communication with the health and social insurance company to compensate for the levy. Third-country nationals must be approved by Employment services office and also by the Foreigners’ Police if they want to be employed in Slovak Republic.

Prolongation of temporary residence permit

The temporary residence permit is subject to prolongation after a certain period of time (approximately 18-24 months). A list of statutory documents demonstrating the fulfillment of the conditions of residence permit is required to prolong the permit.

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