Emineo Partners’ team of accountants has more than 20 years of experience and is lead by the auditor Ing. Senešiova with more than 25 years of experience in accounting and audit. We strive to solve each client, seek individual solutions, and provide innovative online accounting services.

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We offer services

Our portfolio consists of professional consultancy in the field of optimization of accounting and tax processes for small and middle-sized companies.

Our services are offered to Slovak and foreign clients.

Our client can always rely on the fact that all the statements are filed on time and professionally processed. The clients can use on-line access to their accounting database where they can issue invoices or analyse the result of their economic activity.

In the field of accountancy we offer these services:

Processing of double-entry accounting

Continuous pairing of payments of customer invoices and creation of “non-payer list” for client

Processing of tax refunds for income tax of corporate body, value added tax, vehicle tax

Providing regular standard and individual reports for clients

Continuous closing of accountancy

Issuing customer invoices in the name of the client

Document filing to Tax Office in electronic way

Representation of the client in Tax Office

Standards of our work

Regular sending of informative e-mails about close deadlines
Continuous closing of accountancy
Information sending about VAT at least 3 working days before maturity date
Each client has his / her main contact person assigned and we will notify you in advance of all the important facts
Within the package of regular services the clients gains specific amount of consulting hours with tax adviser

On-line accountancy


Clients who issue invoices on-line (minimum amount of 33 invoices per month, do no have to pay the regular fee 19 EUR per month to access the on-line accountancy.


Clients who issue more than 100 invoices per month on-line gain discount for accountancy processing.

On-line access

Control payment of customer invoices on regular basis

Access to information

Continuously check into details the state of profits, expenses and benefits of the company

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