Company liquidation

Do you want to liquidate your company? We are available. If you have decided to liquidate your company, it is necessary to enter the process of liquidation.

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We offer services :

Our company offers the realization of liquidation process. Liquidation is for all those who decided to finish their business activities or company that does not provide any activities.

We provide legal company liquidation Ltd. In one complex package from preparation of the documents, application for changes, notification in the Business bulletin up to company erasure from the Business Register.

In the field of liquidation:

To find out what is the state of the company

To prepare proceedings from general meeting

To register the process of company liquidation into the Business Register and notification in Business bulletin

To announce the process of company liquidation within the necessary offices – Tax Office, Social Insurance Agency and Health Insurance Company

Preparation of the final report about liquidation process and proposal for division of liquidation balance

Repeated general meeting and approval of company liquidation process

Requesting the agreement of tax administrators about the company liquidation

Proposal submission for company liquidation

Standards of our work

Regular information e-mails about liquidation process and information about its state.
We prepare all the necessary documents
Your only task is your signature at the notary.
We offer specialized help and consultation is for free.
After the liquidation we will send you all the documents about the company plus abstract from the Business Register.

Company liquidation

Reliable and experienced team

Our company offers above-standard service in the means of individual approach, high quality of services provided and searching for solutions for all the requirements of the client.


We are available for the client and to answer all his/her questions during the liquidation process.

Quickly and easy

According to free consultation are all the necessary liquidation documents ready in 24 hours.

Individual approach

We offer customized solutions for each client. One of the fundamental pillars of our company is the individual approach to each client.

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