Paperless accounting

Accounting processing system that eliminates the need for physical delivery of documents.

The billing documents are simply scanned and stored directly in online billing system. In addition to conveniently uploading your documents from anywhere, you’ll also get complete overview of your company’s status and instant access to any document.

We are using BMD software for paperless accounting.

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Paperless accounting benefits

  • fast and effective billing process
  • easier aggregation of accounting documents
  • convenient access to the entire accounting agenda at any time
  • perfect overview without having to manually search for documents
  • no more errors when transcribing data in documents

Paperless accounting with in BMD Software

The system is used by more than 29,000 clients in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia.

  • integration of data in a single system from several branches of the company in different countries
  • sending of bank statements via internet
  • documents archiving
    scan the receipts with a smartphone and send them to your accounting via BMD application
  • OCR recognition
  • complete company overview, statistics and data evaluations anytime and from anywhere

Stay in business during coronavirus pandemic

While companies struggle with restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, paperless billing system can help them to remain in the business. The system allows documents to be handled without physical contact. All documents are scanned and stored directly in the online system where we process them.

Would you like to learn more about paperless accounting? Send us your questions by email at We will be happy to respond by email or during a short online meeting.

Main advantages


Efficient handover of documents at any time by direct online scanning and upload in the client zone


Access your client zone from anywhere online


No administration with handover of documents


No need for aggregation of documents before processing

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New era of accounting

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Comprehensive management overview of earnings and cash flow

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Instant access to all documents from anywhere, anytime

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List of unpaid invoices with the possibility to preview invoice scans

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Cash reciepts are stored in digital form and therefore will not fade 

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Scan with your smartphone and save via the BMD application. Done! Your documents are booked in your accounting.

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We are insured for damages caused by our activities up to 1 mil. €

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Are you ready?

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